She’s Here & She’s Fearless!

I’m still here! And although I haven’t been sharing my heart via the blog, I’ve still been intentional to follow His plan for me. It’s simply led down a path I was not expecting.

Journey with me….

At the end of each year, my husband and I seek God for the one word that will guide the year to come. In November 2016, during my quiet time, God clearly told me to be FEARLESS. I knew exactly what He meant. I’ve shared with you before how each time I am instructed to walk by faith, fear immediately sets in. I come up with every possible reason why God’s instructions seem impossible. There are times I am blatantly disobedient and don’t do what I am told and then there are those times when I do it, but Lord knows I’m scared. I thought doing it scared was ok. I mean, the point is I did it…right? Well, God made Himself crystal clear this time and His words tugged at my heart. It was as if He sat beside me like a caring, yet stern father and said these words…

In the past, I have allowed you to do it scared and you have done well with each endeavor. But My child, I have proven myself to you time and time again. I have never left you. I have never failed you. I have never given you reason to doubt Me. In this new season, you must be fearless. Trust Me. I am with you.

I took a deep sigh and said, “Lord, I trust you.”

From that day to this one, I have chosen to walk fearlessly. In February, I had a fearless tshirt printed as a reminder of my conversation with my God, my Friend, my Father.  Soon after, He told me there were others who too needed to walk fearlessly. So I had more shirts printed and today, I can barely keep up with the orders! 😂

Today, I Am Fearless! This does not mean fear does not rear its ugly head. This does not mean His instructions all of a sudden make sense. This does not mean the path I’m on is crystal clear. But it does mean that because He has promised to never leave or forsake me, I will trust Him. I have decided that no longer will fear occupy space in my head when it’s proper position is under my feet. Fear is my enemy and I will use it as a footstool to propel me to heights unknown.

It’s time for you too to put fear in its proper place.

The Sharing My Heart website is coming soon!!! There you will find all the new SMH tees (you had to know there was more than one!). And later this year, the cover of my new children’s book will be revealed there. So keep a look out for Until then, feel free to email me or contact me via Messenger with questions about SMH tees.


2 thoughts on “She’s Here & She’s Fearless!

  1. mrsloder June 17, 2017 / 2:49 AM

    Of course I have ALL of the SMH Tees but the “fearless” is my absolute favorite! Perfectly describes who I’m destined to be! Been waiting on the book & I’m so excited about the upcoming release! 😉


  2. ROBERT BRAXTON June 17, 2017 / 5:56 PM

    I am glad you heard and  found out in Feb. 2016 that you were ” FEARLESS” God  LET YOU KNOW THEN , I knew it since you were a very young child, and as you matured .   CHILD TO BE A WOMEN IN THIS FAMILY AND  LIVE YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG AND FEARLESS. Look at your mom ,grandmom and Lee’s mom and all of the strong black ladies .  I AM SO , SO PROUD OF YOU .  LOVE YOU MUCH , YOU FEARLESS NIECE. Hello to mom , Dale and the little ones.  Auntie.


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