Attention All Ladies!

I’m not going to ask if you are busy. We are all busy, but I will ask…How busy are you? Are you too busy to effectively do the things you love or the things God has placed in your heart?

Well, one thing I have learned is this…

Busyness is one of the enemy’s greatest distractions. As long as he can keep us busy, we will continue to crawl around like caterpillars never becoming the beautiful butterflies God created us to be.

We all know God has called us to do something greater, but if we don’t make those things a priority in our lives, they will not happen. I believe those things we want and are believing God for, if kept in front of our eyes, will help us to focus or re-focus on what’s really important.

That’s why Sharing My Heart presents…VISION  NOW!

VisionNow (1)


And I would love for you to join me! Simply click to register now!

This will not be your ordinary vision party. Get ready to hear stories from ladies who are living what was once only a dream, create your own personal, customized vision board (all materials provided), and work with me and others to build a road map to move you in the direction of attaining the vision.

Last thing…we all know other ladies who need to slow down, write the vision, and make it plain, so that they can run with it too. Forward this email to them or send them the link ( so we can all achieve “greater” together!

Limited space is available and registration will end mid September, so don’t wait! Register now! I can’t wait to see you Saturday, October 1st at VISION NOW!

This event is going to be amazing! I promise.

From the bottom of my heart,

Tijuana (TJ) Williams

Special thanks to those who have already registered!!!!


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