Don’t Ignore Him

To all those who consistently read my blog, I apologize for my absenteeism. I have been diligently working on a number of “sharing my heart” projects, some of which you will soon be privy to. If you don’t find me here at, you can always check me out at Each week, I contribute to the Religion section. Much love!

Here we go…..

Every parent has conversations with their children about what they want to be when they grow up. If you are anything like me, you have heard a number of different occupations. Some you applaud, while others you are appalled. Well recently, Chloe shared something with me that I deemed worthy enough to share with you.

It was a normal evening in the Williams’ home. The kids were sharing their good, bad, and ugly stories of the day. My husband and I listened intently to find out who was the star camper of the week, why it was neither of the Williams’ children, and who got in trouble for using the “s.h.” word (that one caught me off guard. I was glad to later find out the “s.h.” word was “shut” up).  Finally, dinner was done, the kitchen was clean, and baths were well underway. While tidying up, I found myself singing an old church song. As I approached the bathroom door, I could hear Chloe singing her own little song to God. I smiled. Then I listened closer. The song did not sound familiar, so I thought I’d ask where she learned it. I asked if she learned it during chapel at camp. She said no. Maybe on the radio? Again, no. I told her I really liked the song but I had never heard it before. She then told me I had never heard it because it came from her heart. I paused. You see, Chloe told me when she was 2 or 3-years old that one day she would sing on a big stage and people would clap for her. But since then, she has expressed interest in being a police officer, a firewoman (not a fireman), a pediatrician, even a veterinarian. There has been little to no talk of her singing. So I was a little surprised, but before I could say anything, she shared her heart with me. “Mommy, I love animals and really want to be a veterinarian, but God keeps putting these songs in my heart.”

I share this story because I believe God is tugging at your heart too. There is something He wants you to do but so often we allow fear, a need for acceptance, busyness, our own plans, even the comfort of their comfort zone to keep us from responding to Him positively. We hear His still small voice but choose to keep moving in the direction of our head all while sensing the gently nudge to our hearts.

I explained to Chloe that often we have dreams and ambitions. There is nothing wrong with that. But true fulfillment only comes when we are obedient to our heavenly Father. She looked at me and said, “Mommy, I think He wants me to sing….but can I have a dog?” I smiled and gave an emphatic, “NO.”

I’m not sure what God is prompting you to do. He may be urging you to call someone you have not spoken with in a while. Don’t ignore it. He may be nudging you to have a difficult conversation you have been avoiding. Don’t brush it off. He may be telling you to go back to school, apply for that job, or simply to be more open minded. I don’t know what He’s saying to you but I do know your response should be obedience. True fulfillment is only gained when we walk in obedience to the Father.

I have a friend who thinks my family stories are hilarious. She often laughs so hard she snorts (you know who you are)! She always tells me I should keep a camera rolling in our home at all times. Well this time, I was able to capture Chloe’s praise song. Check it out on my Facebook page!



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One thought on “Don’t Ignore Him

  1. Brenda August 12, 2016 / 9:00 AM

    Love to you and Chloe! Praying she keeps listening to those songs God puts in her heart! He has big things in store for her.


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