Is It Worth It?

There is so much I love about nature. The flowers that bloom in spring. The trees whose leaves change color in fall. The small animals that peacefully cohabitate. But lately, I have taken notice of birds (don’t ask me why). Not just any birds. Those who have a wide-wing span. The ones who glide so gracefully through the air. The ones who only seem focused on their destination.

And immediately, I began to think.

Scripture tells us that if God cares about the birds of the air, then He definitely cares for you and me. But as I continued to watch the birds effortless movement, I began to talk to God. “God, their flight seems so natural; yet, my way is not achieved with such simplicity. Oftentimes it seems the harder I try, the harder it gets. In all honesty, I’m beginning to ask, ‘Is it worth it?’”

And then there was silence. No response from my Father. My expectation was for God to reassure me that my work was not in vain and deny my senseless talk. But for days, I heard nothing.


One day as I was driving, I again noticed the birds I had begun to admire. The span of their wings seemed to take them to heights unknown. I stood in awe of the ease at which they soared. But before my admiration intensified, I heard my Father say, “Look closely.  When the wings of the birds, you so highly regard, are outstretched, their consistency is simply maintained. This position allows them to coast. You admire their beauty, but nothing is gained. This is not My desire for you, my child. Only when they begin to flap with all their might do you see increase. That’s when they go higher. This movement produces elevation.”

The warmth of His love flooded my heart. His gentle way of helping me understand my current position brought peace to my entire being. Then He spoke again, “The answer to your question is ‘Yes, it is worth it.’ Continue to work hard. Continue to flap your wings. Continue to be diligent each day. There will be times when I allow you to spread your wings and the winds of My grace will take you higher, but even in those moments, remain focused on Me. Just like the birds that have garnered your attention, with me, you too will soar to heights unknown.”

Today, I ask you to share this simple message with someone who is wondering “Is it worth it?”


One thought on “Is It Worth It?

  1. Tresha Moore March 9, 2016 / 6:44 AM

    TJ this devotion goes right in line with my new favorite song, “Worth it”. As I have gone through my life I just glided by even though God had given me several dreams and visions for my life. I am flapping my wings in this season and I will not stop until I reach my destiny and fullest potential! God has greater and I plan to get there!!!!!!


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