I believe for those of us who are sincerely committed to following God, He wants to do something out of the ordinary in our lives. I believe we are in a season where our faith is being challenged and He is waiting to see if we are willing to “walk the talk.” You know what I mean. We offer encouraging words to others when they are down. We tell them to walk by faith and not by sight, their latter will be greater than their past. We say to them that God has a plan for their lives and it will be exceedingly abundantly above all they could ask, think, or imagine. But I believe in this season, God is asking us, “Are you ready to get your feet wet?”

You see, the children of Israel had been walking with God. Although there was murmuring and complaining in the wilderness, they knew God and had experienced Him as their Comforter, Provider, Sustainer, Protector, Shelter, Deliverer and more. But what God was about to ask of them would require far more faith than that of their forefathers who walked through the Red Sea on dry ground. Their entry into the Promised Land would require them to “get their feet wet.”

I googled the term “get your feet wet” and what I found was this: it refers to experiencing something for the first time, especially something that involves taking a risk. It means to embark on a new venture, start into new territory (

This time, as they stood before a swollen river, it was going to take more than an outstretched staff to part the waters. This time, Pharaoh was not on their tracks. This time, there was no pressure. This time, the waters were not a way of escape, but instead a point of passage. This time, it was simply the Israelites and God. The choice was theirs.

Would they take the risk?

This is where I believe many believers currently find themselves or will find themselves very soon. Having received instructions from God, would you be willing to “get your feet wet” by walking into a river that looked like it wasn’t going anywhere? Or would you stay put because of the lack of evidence of things not seen?

I encourage you today to allow your faith to lead you to greater victories! When doubt arises, remind yourself of the previous Pharaohs and Red Seas that are now behind you. When fear rears its ugly head, trust that your angels will alter their position, if necessary, to protect you. When worry comes, remember the Egyptians who were once in full pursuit of you, but were drowned in the same sea you were able to walk through. And it that’s not enough, find comfort in Psalm 91.

In this season, if you follow Jesus, I believe your river of impossibility will dry up and you will walk into “a land flowing with milk and honey.”

Are you ready to get your feet wet???

If you know someone who needs to hear this, please share.


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