Every time God does something for me I can’t do for myself, I consider it a miracle. No, He’s never turned my water into wine, but coming home every day to a house “man” told us we could not afford…well in my book, it’s considered a miracle. I’m sure you have heard of people diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses but while in the operating room, surgeons were dumbfounded because what x-rays revealed now ceased to exist. A lady recently shared a story about how “something” told her to purchase two of the same books while in a local bookstore. The following Sunday while in church, that same “something” instructed her to give the book to a complete stranger sitting on her row. Two to three weeks later, the stranger returned to her church, in tears. She shared with her that just days before, she was looking at the book in a bookstore, but could not afford it. Maybe not a miracle to you, but to me…a miracle!

One of my favorite authors takes it a step further in his book, Draw the Circle. Batterson talks about praying in the place of your miracle. “It’s hard not to pray in faith when we pray in a place where God has already done a miracle,” he shares. I love it! How empowering to stand in the midst of a miracle and believe God to do something even greater for His glory!

My point today is pretty straightforward. God is still working miracles! Oftentimes, we allow life to frustrate us or even worst, stop us for moving forward. Instead of being absorbed by the negativity, get in the place of your miracle and believe God to move on your behalf. Don’t forget all He has done for you. Allow past miracles to increase your faith. Use your place of miracle as evidence to the enemy that “if God is for you, who can stand against you?” I have heard attorneys say in their closing statements, “All they have is circumstantial evidence.” Your miracle is not circumstantial. It is direct, tangible, and distinct. The enemy knows the validity of the place where you stand and the authority of the One on which you stand!

Where is your place of miracle? Your car may be your place of miracle. A hospital may be your place of miracle. A street, where God saved you from a fatal crash, may be your place of miracle. A bookstore, where God told you to buy two books instead of one, may be your place of miracle. The place where you first recognized His voice may be your place of miracle.

Anthony Brown has a song on his latest project that says…I’m a living, breathing, walking, talking, moving miracle. When we are in the car, my family and I turn it up and sing to the top of our lungs. Why? Not only because we like the song, but because we know we are. Plus, my car is also a miracle!

Where is your miracle? Identify it, get to that place (or get a picture in your mind), and believe God as never before. Ty Tribbett says, “If He did it before, He’ll do it again!”

Now, I’m asking you to share your heart. Tell me on Facebook, Twitter, or here on my blog, where is your place of miracle (and don’t forget to tag me)? Your willingness to share may spark someone’s memory and cause them to believe God again. Do it for Him…not for me.



  1. Annette October 7, 2015 / 1:49 PM

    TJ, my place of miracle is my Car; God did it suddenly. I pray and praise in it, laugh and cry out to Him in it; because without Him I wouldn’t be in it. I learned that with God all things are possible – no matter what man says; God has the final say. It will be as God has said, though it tarry-wait on it for it shall surely come to pass; in God’s timing.

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