Have FAITH in God, BELIEVE in Yourself, & DREAM Big!

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to share my journey to discovering my purpose with a group of women who are beautiful both inside and out. They listened attentively and after sharing my heart, I gave them red hearts and tiny, white boxes and allowed them time to share their hearts with God.

Photo Aug 29, 06 59 10

After an awe-filled evening, I went home and continued dialoging with my husband and a dear friend about purpose and destiny. I shared this story…..

I remember it like it was yesterday. Walking the halls of my high school and watching my peers congratulate a young man in my class on his accomplishment after an oratorical contest. I wasn’t jealous (in a negative sense), but I envied his fearlessness as he stood before an audience of people both young and old and spoke so eloquently. I did not know his subject matter nor if he won an award. Something inside of me simply yearned to do what he was doing, but I was scared.

I believe fear is one of the most recognized impediments keeping millions of us from doing millions of things. Fear of the unknown, fear of public speaking, fear of being alone, fear of commitment, fear of failure, some even have a fear of success. I have also realized fear rarely stands alone and most readily is the byproduct of one of these culprits which creates barriers to the fulfillment of our purpose:

  1. Lack of Faith
  2. Unbelief
  3. Pint-size dreams or the lack thereof

I now know it was more than fear that kept me from walking in my purpose. I was engulfed by the negative things said about me, dreams were like fairytales…fictional, and although I was in church every Sunday waiving my hands, shedding tears, and tithing, I had yet to grasp that religion and a relationship with God were not the same. I simply did not believe God had a plan for me; therefore, I depended on influential family and friends to get me to where I wanted to be.

Today, I can proudly say things are very different and because of my transformation, my goal is to encourage others to fulfill their destiny. Have faith in God, believe in yourself, and dream big were pertinent parts of my message to the ladies! And since the event, I have been praying for each attendee and for the personal messages written on each of their little, red hearts.

Photo Aug 29, 07 04 05        Photo Aug 29, 07 03 58       Photo Aug 29, 07 03 48

I challenge each of you today to search your heart and honestly answer these questions:

  1. Is your faith in God or is it in your parents, influential friends and/or prominent social circles?
  2. Do you really believe God has a plan for your life? Do you believe you have everything you need to achieve it?
  3. Have you stopped dreaming?

Just as we did during Saturday’s session, share your heart with God by writing Him a letter. Tell Him if you are unsure of His plan for you. Ask Him to help you dream again or dream bigger. Acknowledge that your faith has been in man, but you are now ready to trust Him. In Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV) He assures us, ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’


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