I know nothing about card games but I am learning a lot about life. Things don’t always happen the way we would like for them too. There will never be enough hours in a day. Never enough hands to get the millions of tasks done. Being only one person, but trying to be the best spouse, parent, daughter, friend, employee is challenging…even on a good day. For the last month, my husband and I have been taking care of a family member. Since the care of our parents is high on our priority list, we have spent countless hours in hospitals and at doctor’s offices, just making sure everything is taken care of. For that reason, I missed a couple of weeks posting on the blog and it began to disturb me. See, I write best in the morning. It’s just something about hearing from God as the day begins. My normal morning routine was waking up about 5:30am, getting the kids ready for school, cooking breakfast, and sending them out the door with their dad. Most mornings, our home was quiet by 7:00am…just my God, my laptop, and me! Heaven on earth! Well because taking care of our family member meant early morning doctor’s visits, labs, classes, and more, my husband and I rearranged our schedules. Every morning, he headed to the doctor or lab while I headed to school with the kids. Some mornings we left home as early as 6:30am just to get everyone to their destination on time. Well, my lack of time to write led me to have a conversation with God. I truly missed writing, especially in the morning when I felt I was at my best. As I shared my heart with God, He too shared His with me. He told me, “My child, play the hand you are dealt. Your circumstances may not always be ideal in your eyes, but the effectiveness of your gift is unchangeable, day or night. You must learn to play the hand you are dealt.” Of course, this was not what I expected to hear, but it was what I needed.

So how did I respond? I adjusted my schedule once again, but this time, it opened up time for me to write at night once the kids were tucked away in bed. And I have realized that once again, God was right! He always is! My gift is just as effective during the night as it is in the morning.

Often life presents situation that are beyond our control, especially when you choose to put others before yourself. Remember just because life deals you an unexpected hand, it does not give you the right to throw in your cards. Learn to work with what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Most times, we allow ourselves to become disheveled by things that are only temporary. Today I challenge you to keep your eyes fixed on things that are eternal. Be willing to adjust but don’t lose your motivation (which for me are His promises). And in the meantime, play the hand you are dealt!


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