I have a confession…I love reality television! Before you judge me, all of it is not bad. One of our family favorites is “What Would You Do?” I have watched it so much that I often find myself looking for the hidden cameras. And it happened again, just last week. Not in a physical sense, but this time, a spiritual one.

One night before bed, I was reading Mark Batterson’s, Draw the Circle. He told a story about a period of fasting and praying at his church where he and his members would meet every morning at 7:14am for prayer. On this particular morning, he had an early flight and therefore, was unable to be there. Just as he arrived and walked into the airport terminal, he immediately realized it was 7:14am…prayer time. Before he could take another step, he heard God say to him, “Kneel and pray.” He hesitated. Not only did he hesitate, he had a conversation with God that seemed more like a conversation I would have with God….not a pastor. He told God he could pray as he was walked to baggage claim or maybe once he got to his hotel, but God again told him to kneel and pray.

What Would You Do?

Well, let me fast forward about 12 hours. The next morning, I received a message that one of my family members was being rushed to the emergency room. I stopped what I was doing and immediately went to the hospital. Because we were in the ER, only a limited number of people were permitted to be at the bedside, so I agreed to stay in the waiting area. As I took my seat, I heard God say, “Kneel and pray.” I literally looked around. In the words of our kids, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Just like Pastor Mark, I too offered other options to God to see which one would be most appeasing. I could bow my head and pray at my seat. I could walk back to the car and pray there or maybe even step into the restroom and pray. Again God said, “Kneel and pray.” I looked around once more hoping that the next voice I heard was that of John Quinones (the host of What Would You Do?) but no such luck. What I heard was, “And anyone who is ashamed of Me and My message in these days of unbelief and sin, I, the Messiah, will be ashamed of him when I return in the glory of My Father, with the holy angels.”

I knelt in the emergency room of UAB Hospital and prayed, just as Pastor Mark knelt in the airport terminal.

You see, never do I want God to think I am ashamed. The One who gave His life for me will never have to question my loyalty to or my love for Him. The stares and whispers of people are irrelevant in comparison to the “Well Done” I so desperately long to hear.

Now I ask…WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself being asked to kneel in a place you never imagined.


2 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

  1. ROBERT BRAXTON August 20, 2015 / 5:48 AM


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  2. Angela August 22, 2015 / 2:07 PM

    This is on point TJ!
    Well done😘

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